Welcome to all haunters and to those who love Halloween!

This is a club for everyone in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding areas who LOVE Halloween,
who decorate their house, have Home or Yard Haunts or have Halloween parties.
It's for those who would like to attend get together events, have some fun, share and
learn ideas/techniques while helping each other become better haunters and prop builders!

If this sounds like fun to you and you want to become a part of the Twisted FX Family
go to the "Sign Up" page for more information!
Here you will join others with the same hobby and interests!
I hope you decide to become a part of our haunt community. Feel free to contact us with
any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you in the future!

Membership will always be FREE!

Here are a few things we will be planning:
* 2023 Summer Meet and Greet
* Make N' Takes
* Socials / BBQ's
* Group trip(s) to Conventions for those who would like to go. * And More!

Make N' Take Classes are open to anyone who would like to teach one!

There will be a fee for a "Supply Kit"
to make the item(s) when attending a Make N' Take Class, but there will be no fee to attend the class.

**Ever hear of "Fear Crafters" Haunt Club? **

(www.FearCrafters.org - still up and running, check it out if you would like to see how much fun it was!)

I am the co-founder and board member of that club that started back in 2008.

Unfortunately, it came to a close in 2017.

But it's been too long and Lincoln needs a Haunt Club again! Soooo... Twisted FX Haunt Club has now be created!
I plan on doing things differently and will never charge a membership fee to join! I look forward to seeing all
of my old friends along with new ones! I plan on having get togethers/BBQ's and Make N' Takes and who
knows what other events will pop up.

About Me - Tracy Moul the Founder and Creator of Twisted FX Haunt Club

Halloween has always been a love of mine since I was a kid. I always wanted to go to the house with the creepy lights, decorations and characters running around, they were the best. Oh and the smell of a carved Jack O' Lantern as a candle gently warms and brings it life!

I absolutely loved creating and being a part of Fear Crafters , a past Halloween/Haunt Club that was in Lincoln, and I dearly miss seeing my Haunt Family.

During my time at Fear Crafters I taught the Following Make N' Takes:

Masonry - Making Brick & Stone fake walls.
FX Make-Up - Making realistic cuts, wounds & bruises along with learning how to apply latex appliances
and other mediums.
Corpsed Ground Breaker
Halloween Christmas Ornaments
Corpsed Skull and different Corpsing Techniques.
Drop Cloth Ghosts
Flicker Switch Box

I also hosted many socials, make n' takes and events for the club.

I was the Co-Founder and Board Member of Fear Crafters Haunt Club.

I also taught some of the Make n' Takes at our local Southeast Community College as Continuing
Education Classes here in Lincoln for a handful of years during Fall Semesters.

I have had the privilege of being a Co-Owner of Dark Visions Haunted Attraction in Lincoln in 2006 The Experiment & 2007 The Frenzy.
Here I worked on set design, set building, prop creation, lighting, security and prop repairs- electronic & cosmetic.
I also created the FX sound tracks and worked on the web site.

I am Owner and Founder of Zombie Squirrel FX. Here I sculpt, mold, cast, airbrush many different props & masks.
(Store coming early Summer 2023).

My boyfriend Mike and I have a yearly Home Haunt - . Shaggy's Sinister Circus

I also created all of the above web sites, banners, graphic designs and promotional flyers, tickets, etc. for all of the above.

Before all of this, I have been a Home Haunter since 1998 . Creating tons of custom, home made props
and scenes throughout the years.

You can see all of these places at their web sites and on their Facebook pages. Also check out my website I've had since 2000 called Haunting 101 www.haunting101.com . I am in the process of updating this site and creating tons of new how to videos for this site, which will take a while between the new club, Zombie Squirrel FX , life in general and having some fun.

I hope to see you at future Twisted FX Haunt Club Events!


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Days 'til Halloween!

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