* Members of Twisted FX Haunt Club must be considerate and respectful to other members,
likewise the respect needs to be shown to any person or place that hosts any event in relation
to Twisted FX Haunt Club this includes any events sponsored by others in which you attend as
a club member/representative of Twisted FX Haunt Club.

* Posting any negative, profane, or offensive comments on the Twisted FX Haunt Club facebook
or Instagram page is prohibited as anyone can view it. This includes club members own
facebook/twitter/web site/ and any other social or personal page/site/blog/etc. which comments
are posted in a negative or demeaning way towards Twisted FX Haunt Club,events of, or other members.

* Under no circumstances will any member use other members personal information for any
purpose outside of club business without that members consent.

* Twisted FX Haunt Club is open to all and has no age limit, however, those under the age of 19 attending
make n' takes (due to the use of certain equipment/tools) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

* Abuse or Violation of any of these rules and regulation may result in that member's termination from Twisted FX Haunt Club.

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